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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost?

It's always free to have a Provider Portal account. You can upgrade to our premium service at any point and the cost varies based on the features that are selected.


Who is this for and who can sign up?

The Provider Portal was designed for mental health providers, particularly providers who use Client Management System. However, it can be used by providers who also work with other practice management systems.  Whether you are a provider or supplier you can sign up.


I am a supplier, should I still sign up?

Yes. Suppliers and staff can sign up and use the Provider Portal. It is particularly useful to any who have multiple accounts on different Client Management Systems.


Why would I want to use Provider Portal to login to CMS?

Using the Provider Portal allows you to have a single, safe and secure login for multiple CMS accounts and other related accounts. If you are a user who has to log into many systems this means you only have to keep track of one username and password for all systems.


Do I have to enable Provider Portal in my CMS account?

No. As long as you have an active user account in your CMS and your email address matches your Provider Portal account you can login.  However, if you use a different email on multiple CMS accounts, you can link the accounts within CMS.   


What is Two Factor Authentication (TFA or 2FA)?

TFA adds an extra layer of security to your account. Using an application on your mobile or desktop device a token will be generated for use while logging in. This is the second factor in the two factor authentication and significantly increases the security of your account compared to only having a password.