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The Provider Portal is FREE!

Seriously, it's free to use the Provider Portal and all its basic features.

Anyone can set up an account to get access to the items in the Free Forever tier. This also includes using the account to login to other systems like Find a Therapist, The Assessment Centre, and Client Management System

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Includes SMS appointment reminders, extra data storage, and access to The Assessment Centre

$35 / month $40.25 w/GST

Access to The Assessment Centre
100/mo SMS Appointment Reminders
500/mo Emails: Appointment Reminders, Invioces, & Messages
Send Messages to Clients & Contacts
Create & Send Invoices
Browse Listings
Post Room/Office Rentals
Post Events
250MB Encrypted Document Storage
Free Forever

Access to basic features.

$0 / month

30/mo Email Appointment Reminders
Browse Listings
Post Room/Office Rentals
Post Events
50mb Encrypted Document Storage